Benefits of Minimally Invasive Fusion

minimally invasive fusion in Beaumont, TXFor most people the idea of having any type of surgery on their spine is enough to give them doubts and worries, even if it is a minimally invasion fusion. Because minimally invasive procedures are still relatively new, there is a lot of questions and concerns people have about opting for this type of procedure. Although open surgeries carry a higher rate of infection and other surgical complications, many patients are simply more comfortable doing things the way they’ve always been done. But, sometimes newer really is better.

There are several benefits to opting for an outpatient, minimally invasive fusion. From financial benefits to health and comfort perks, an outpatient procedure should be recommended for patients who have the right condition and present lower risks. Outpatient procedures are quite simply the better choice when you have the option, and here’s why:

Outpatient procedures have a lower risk of infection

Think about it, with traditional surgeries, the surgeon has to cut open a large portion of your back or other area to get to the one area that needs attention. If you have a lot of damage or a lot of repair that needs to be done, this may make since. But, using a sledgehammer to hang a photo makes about as much sense as unnecessary cutting for a simple procedure. Traditional surgery has a higher risk of infection because more of your body is exposed and affected by the surgeon.

With minimally invasive fusion in Beaumont, TX your surgeon will likely use a small camera or x-ray to view the area of your body that needs attention. This allows your surgeon to see what he needs to see without actually cutting very much of your body, this means less exposure and less time in surgery both of which reduce your risk of infection. Once you return home, your surgical location will be smaller and easier to maintain. This will result in more comfort. Because your surgical area will be smaller it will be easier to clean keep free from potential infections.

Spine Tech minimally invasive fusion procedures let you recover quicker

Several studies have shown that patients who opt for a less invasive surgical procedure spend up to several days less time home from work and recovering. If you have a job that’s not quite as giving on paid leave or you are running low on vacation time, a faster recovery time can make a huge difference.

A less invasive procedure consistently shows shorter recovery periods for several reasons. Particularly, Spine Tech minimally invasion fusion procedures require less cutting. This means that less of your body is actually affected by the surgery. Because a smaller area of your body was exposed and worked on during surgery, you’ll have less pain and bruising, you’ll also have fewer stitches.

All surgeries have some recovery time, especially surgical procedures that involve work on your spine. You won’t be able to hit the bowling alley right away, but you should notice significant improvements relatively quickly. One of the biggest benefits of outpatient procedures is that you can typically start physical therapy, if needed, rather quickly (usually within a day or two), so you can get your body back to full speed as quickly as possible. Because you are able to start physical therapy much faster than traditional surgeries, you may find that your body bounces back a bit quicker.

Smaller incisions, less impact on areas surrounding your surgical wound, less time under anesthesia and fewer stiches means your body can heal better and faster so you can be back at your normal routine as quickly as possible.

Spine Tech minimally invasion fusion procedures

Inexpensive minimally invasive fusion in Beaumont, TX will save you money

An inexpensive, minimally invasive fusion in Beaumont, TX is a great way to keep a little extra cash in your bank account. The average person will spend over $3,000 for a single night’s stay in the hospital. If your fusion is particularly complicated this could translate into two or three nights at the hospital. You could potentially save thousands of dollars by opting to pursue a cheap minimally invasive fusion in Beaumont, TX because you won’t have to foot the bill of a hospital stay. You can return home the same day as your minimally invasive procedure and recover in the comfort of your own house.

An additional savings includes less time in surgery and less time under anesthesia. One study suggested that hospitals save about 10% of the total cost of an operation by choosing to use a less invasive procedure, savings that should be passed onto you.

Your minimally invasive procedure will also be more convenient for the family member or friend who will be assisting after your surgical procedure. Friends and family can wait in a comfortable lobby free from the drama and influx of the sick and injured they may otherwise be exposed to at a hospital.

All surgeries have some risk of infection and complication, minimally invasive procedures included, but when you must have surgery you should make the choice that lowers your risk of infection, reduces the chance of post-operative complications and the choice that saves you the most money. At Spine Tech we want you to be healthy. Let us help you determine whether a minimally invasive procedure is the right move for your situation.

Some individuals may not qualify for a minimally invasive procedure due to particular health risks, but in most cases we can make sure your spinal fusion is less painful, less expensive and less dangerous. Let Spinal Tech help you.

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