Benefits and Risks Associated with Neurosurgery in Beaumont Texas

best neurosurgeons in Beaumont TexasIf you’ve recently been told that neurosurgery or spine surgery is in your future, you are very likely feeling overwhelmed and perhaps a little nervous. All surgeries have some inherent risks associated with them, but neurosurgery in Beaumont, Texas has its own set of unique challenges, whether you opt for a traditional or an outpatient procedure.

If you are especially concerned about anything specific you should talk to the best neurosurgeons in Beaumont Texas as they are skilled and capable of answering your questions and addressing major concerns.

As a patient, there are several things you may be doing that could contribute to the possibility of complications during or after surgery. To help ensure your best health, here are a few things to consider:

A weighty matter for  outpatient Neurosurgery in Beaumont, TX

One of the biggest influencers in whether or not you are likely to suffer from complications during or after surgery is your weight. If you are overweight or obese, not only are you more likely to need spinal surgery, your risk of complications is almost twice as high as patients of a healthy weight. Additionally, patients who were seeking surgery to relieve pain experienced a far lower success rate than patients who maintained a healthy body weight.

Another reason that excess weight can cause problems during outpatient neurosurgery in Beaumont, TX has to do breathing. Overweight patients suffer from more complications related to anesthesia than patients of a healthy weight. Additional risks during surgery that are associated with excess weight include blood pressure and difficulty positioning an overweight patient to access the surgical site safely.

If you have the option, consider trying to lose weight before heading into surgery to reduce your risk of side effects or complications.

Ditch smoking for the best neurosurgery in Beaumont, TX

If you smoke regularly you are likely increasing your risk for complications during your surgery. A recent study determined that smokers were 40 percent more likely to die following a surgical procedure than non-smokers! Additionally, smokers have a higher risk of infection during and after surgical procedures. The reason smokers are at a higher risk is because of inflammation caused by continual exposure to cigarette smoke. The inflammation makes it easier for infections to form.

Spine Tech Beaumont neurosurgeons are highly skilled to handle any complications that could arise during surgery, but you can help reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack following a surgery by kicking the habit to the curb. Another benefit of quitting: you’ll feel less pain during recovery.

Talk to your Neurosurgeons in Beaumont, Texas about allergies

When patients have complications related to anesthesia, one the most common reasons is an allergic reaction. If you’ve never had the best neurosurgery in Beaumont, TX, than you may not know whether you are allergic to anesthesia. However, most patients with this type of allergy usually have a family history or experience similar allergic reactions with other medications. If you have any allergies to medications talk to your doctor before your surgery. Additionally, make sure you inform your surgeon of any medications you are currently taking as these could also affect how the anesthesia affects your body.

Other minor complications like irritation or minor infections can be caused by an allergy to latex (which is used in gloves and even surgical stitches) so if you have a known allergy to any materials that might be used during surgery (specifically latex and stainless steel or nickel) always inform your surgeon before the procedure to reduce your risk.

Inform Neurosurgeons in Beaumont Texas of other health issues

Spine Tech Beaumont neurosurgeonsWhen you opt to undergo inexpensive neurosurgery in Beaumont, TX always inform your physician about any other medical condition you have. This includes things like diabetes, cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis, liver or kidney problems or heart conditions. All of these health conditions increase your risk of severe complications or death during surgery, but if your surgeon knows in advance they can prepare for any needed changes and be ready to act quickly if a complication comes up.

If you have ever had blood clots (during pregnancy or after a previous surgery), let your surgeon know. Blood clots are relatively common after surgery but can be extremely dangerous if they are not taken care of immediately. If a blood clot breaks loose if could move to your heart and kill you. So do not take any chances. Listen to your doctor for post op instructions to help you reduce your risk of blood clots.

Neurosurgery sounds frightening, but it doesn’t have to be! Although there certainly are risks associated with all types of surgery, outpatient procedures provide a safer alternative to traditional procedures. Spine Tech works hard to ensure our patients receive the best care and leave with the lowest risk of complication possible.

Because our neurosurgeons in Beaumont Texas are skilled surgeons, we can ensure better chances of experience few to no complications following an outpatient procedure. Outpatient procedures require less invasive actions and fewer stiches. This means there are fewer chances for your body to potentially be exposed. Additionally, outpatient procedures use less anesthesia, which makes it less likely that you’ll experience associated complications.

You can get the pain relief you need and get your body back on track to functioning fully, faster, when you opt for an outpatient procedure. Although there is always a risk of complications associated with surgery, you can take preventative steps to ensure your surgery is as safe as possible.

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