minimally invasive fusion

A Pain in the Back

The human body is a curious thing, to say the least. It goes through all sorts of changes, some of them good, some of them bad. The truth is that... ...
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Understanding Common Back Problems

There are many potential back problems that can plague an individual, and it is important to know just where you should go to have those problems corrected. Luckily, if you... ...
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Minimally Invasive Fusion Beaumont, TX

Minimally Invasive Fusion in Beaumont, TX Spine surgery is often performed as an open surgery, which means that the area being operated on is opened using a long incision that... ...
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Cervical Disc Replacement

Cervical Disc Replacement Beaumont, TX

Cervical Disc Replacement in Beaumont, TX Cervical disc replacement is a type of surgical procedure involving the removal of any degenerated or damaged cervical tissue and using an artificial disc... ...
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Pinched Nerve Beaumont, TX

Pinched Nerve Beaumont, TX Nerves extend from the spinal cord and the brain. They send important messages all over your body. If you end up with a pinched nerve, the body... ...
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SpineTech Guide


Lumbar Fusion Beaumont, TX

Lumbar Fusion in Beaumont, TX Lumbar fusion surgery is used to permanently join multiple vertebrae in your spine, thus eliminating movement between them. The fusion process involves techniques that are...
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Masseur stretching woman's arm

Bulging Disc Beaumont, TX

Bulging Disc Beaumont, TX The bones forming the spine in the back are surrounded by tiny, spongy discs. Whenever the discs are healthy, they work as a shock absorber to...
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