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Cervical Disc Replacement In Beaumont TX

Spine Tech Cervical Disc Replacement

cervical disc replacementWhen your doctor talks to you about cervical disc replacement in Beaumont TX, then you should be aware of what he is talking about.  This is a surgical procedure that will take any damaged or degenerated cervical tissue out of the area of the spine in question and replace it with a type of disc that is artificial.

Cervical discs are sort of like the shock absorbers in your car but they absorb the shock between the cervical spine and the vertebra.  When you discs become damaged maybe from trauma or degeneration this can cause you to be in severe pain.

When a part of your disc moves from where it normally is then it may be a cause of pressure on the individual roots that exit from the spinal cord at each level of vertebrae or it could even cause pressure on the spinal cord itself.

When we have a disc in our spine that has been disrupted, there can be multiple bone spurs that can form.  These spurs can cause even more pressure to be put on the spinal canal and roots.  This disruption and degeneration can lead to pain occurring in the neck as well as weakness, pain or numbness in the neck or arms.

Initial Treatment for Cervical Disc Replacement

In the beginning this condition is treated with physical therapy, injections and other medications.  However, with no signs of improvement in 6-12 weeks, Spine Tech cervical disc replacement becomes a consideration.  If the disc is herniated and only on one side of the spine, this is easily corrected with a simple surgical procedure.

Procedure and Recovery

Spine Tech cervical disc replacementWhen patients have this procedure, they are under a general anesthesia which means that they are totally asleep.  Contrary to what you may think, this procedure is performed with the patient lying face up.  The surgeon will go in through an incision in the side of the neck to remove the damaged disc with the assistance of a microscope to insure that the entire disc is removed and the nerves are decompressed.

Once the space has been cleared, a new disc is inserted with the assistance of live X-rays to insure that proper placement is achieved.  Once the disc is in place, the incision is sutured shut and the patient is generally able to return home either that day or the next.  They will have to use a collar to immobilize the area for a period of one week.