Cervical Disc Replacement In Beaumont

The Benefits of Cervical Disc Replacement

cervical disc replacement in BeaumontYour spine consists of five different sections, with 33 vertebrae divided between those sections. The uppermost section is the cervical section, consisting of seven vertebrae found in the head and neck.  These bones are chiefly responsible for protecting some of the most important areas of your nervous system from damage, as well as helping support your head while it moves around. Needless to say, the health and comfort of your cervical vertebrae is an essential part of your overall health.

When bone, cartilage or other tissues become diseased, damaged or worn out, a number of neurological and skeletal problems can arise. As these tissues continue to grow after being damaged, they can develop painful bone spurs on the affected bones, which can themselves cause numbness, pain or weakness in the neck and arms. It can be difficult for someone with such a condition to work or to sleep properly. It can even interfere with social life as the person avoids going out because the pain tires them out.

Fortunately, damage to the cervical vertebrae and the surrounding tissues is treatable. A cervical disc replacement procedure can permanently end the discomfort and pain of diseased, damaged or misaligned bones in your neck. Professional surgeons know all about these bones and can put an end to the problem. Those in need of cervical disc replacement in Beaumont, Texas and in the surrounding area have many options to choose from.

The Surgical Process for Cervical Disc Replacement

If you haven’t had surgery before, it can be a frightening prospect. If you feel that way, you can calm your fears. The medical professionals handling each stage of your procedure, from the beginning consultations to the recovery process have studied medical problems like yours again and again and have years of hands-on experience. Each step of the surgical process is there to make sure your surgery is successful in removing your pain and discomfort permanently.

Cervical disc replacement involves taking the part of your neck causing you pain and replacing it with a prosthetic. The prosthetic is designed to feel and behave the same as the natural bone did before it was damaged. Residents of Beaumont, TX and the surrounding area in need of cervical disc replacement surgery have many options for both surgery and recovery. Top-of-the-line anesthesia and nursing care allow you to make it through the surgical process as quickly and as easily as possible.

A quick CT scan or an MRI scan can determine the source of your pain in the cervical bones, telling doctors which bones are out of place, giving them a map of your specific needs and helping them decide what treatments would work for you. These procedures are both thorough and completely safe. With this data, your doctor can study your neck carefully and discuss with you a plan for a minimally invasive procedure targeted at the source of your pain.

In some instances, surgery is unnecessary. Medications, physical therapy and occasional spine injections often are enough. Cervical disc replacement surgery is a thorough and lasting solution to those with more serious pain.

The cervical vertebrae are sensitive, but medical science and those who study it are familiar with how to treat these tissues. Your doctors know what cervical disc replacement means, how you might have received it, what you can do to treat it and how to avoid future injury.

Experience and Expertise at Each Step

Cervical disc replacement surgeryBeaumont residents have many options for spine treatment. No two patients are exactly alike, so as a patient you should be aware of all of the options available to you through all stages of the surgery and post-surgery processes.

Surgery is performed under heavy anesthesia by trained professionals. Experienced surgeons have performed operations like yours many time before and will have studied your particular spinal problem in detail before surgery begins. They treat each patient with the utmost care according to best medical practice.

It can take a while to recover from spinal surgery, but nurses and doctors are committed to making your stay as comfortable as possible. Post-surgical recovery may be assisted by a number of treatment plans. The pain medication your doctor prescribes is designed to alleviate your pain without being habit forming. Treatments that use minimal medication are also available, including physiotherapeutic options involving ice packs.

Outpatient treatment is available for Beaumont residents. These programs allow some patients to recover from their surgeries in the comfort of their own home. While these treatments are not for all cases, they are a blessing for many going through the recovery process.

Your medical professionals’ commitment to your comfort continues even after you return home. Your doctors and nurses will be able to answer your questions about what lifestyle choices to make so that you get your life back as quickly as possible. After surgery, you will be surprised about what you’ve been missing because of your neck pain. Many patients wonder why they didn’t get corrective surgery earlier.

Cervical disc replacement can save you years of discomfort, remove the need for pain medication and improve your quality of life. If you suffer from chronic spinal pain, don’t wait any longer. Do the research and talk to your doctor about your options to lead you to a healthier, happier life without back pain.

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