Cervical Disc Replacement

The Art of Spine Tech Cervical Disc Replacement

1807280867_3e65a01921The spinal column, part of the human back (in this instance) is made up of many different parts. While we could describe each and every part in excruciating detail, today we are discussing the spinal discs located between each and every vertebrae of the spine. These discs are soft cushions, soft, and filled with a fluid. The outer portion of the disc is known as the annulus while the inner portion is referred to as the nucleus. Damage to these discs can cause severe pain, as they are instrumental in allowing the spine to bend properly.

When Do you Need Cervical Disc Replacement?

There are multiple indicators that one might need cervical disc replacement, for example, excessive pain even under non-operative care. Care could be a result of medication, or a more physical approach such as a visit to the chiropractor’s office for a set period of time. In this case it will become necessary to undergo an MRI, and in most scenarios this will display disc degeneration.

Generally, the presiding physician will already be aware of the slippage or damage, and is simply viewing the MRI to determine which disc is affected. With the results of the MRI and your patient history, the doctor will be able to determine whether or not you are in need of a cervical disc replacement Beaumont Tx.

What would Disqualify You?

There is a common misconception that because one has back issues or back pain that they are automatically qualified for, or that they need surgery. There are a few conditions that may stop you from receiving a disc replacement including:

It should be noted that new discs are made to be implanted through the abdomen, meaning those who have gone through a recent abdominal surgery then you will most likely be denied the implant, though this is often based upon the result of the MRI. The problem is that the condition of the blood vessels in front of your spine may increase the risk of injury.

Traditional Treatment

2619779617_c058fba90eA more traditional treatment in the past has been spinal fusion, which is a surgical procedure in which the disc in question is fused to the spine, the idea is to remove the disc tissue and eliminate movement, thereby eliminating the pane.

Traditionally, the operative treatment for disc pain has been spinal fusion. This is a surgical procedure in which disc tissue is removed and bone is placed between the vertebral bodies. The goal of this surgery is to fuse the vertebra around the disc  that is causing pain. It is thought that by removing disc tissue and eliminating movement, the pain will be significantly reduced.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to consider before you even attempt to obtain this type of surgery, but there are ways for you to feel better, and be in less pain. Explore your options today.


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