spineEven though it isn’t life-threatening, back pain tends to be one of the most annoying of all medical conditions that an individual can suffer from. If left untreated, it can end up getting worse to the point where it severely hinders being able to live life to the fullest. If you take the time to seek medical attention from an early stage, you might be able to live a normal life and do all of those things that everyone else can do without being restricted.

Essentially, back pain is a generic term. It is an overall term used to describe where many different painful conditions fall under. Since each condition has a number of different causes, treatments will vary from one individual to another. Always seek medical advice. Undergoing improper treatment can do more harm than what it’s worth.

Spinal Osteoarthritis

This degenerative disease of the discs and joints in the lower back and neck can cause limb weakness and pain. On occasion, the condition can lead to the formation of osteophytes, which are very painful. Osteoarthritis of the spinal column can occur from growing older, but it can also occur from injury to the joints.

Treatment is focused on helping those afflicted to live a normal life, free from any pain and with the most mobility possible. If the individual loses weight, try to do everything possible not to regain it. Exercise helps to improve blood flow and flexibility, which makes it easier for you to perform regular activities.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Even though this condition is often caused by aging, it doesn’t always affect everyone. Generally, the disease is characterized by an alteration of the disc structure alone or a loss of fluid in inter-vertebral discs. The outer part of the discs can develop small tears or cracks, which provide an exit for the material that normally lies inside of the discs.

Those who are overweight or do a lot of strenuous activity, as well as smokers, are more susceptible to developing this condition at a quicker pace. Non-surgical treatments for the disease aim at strengthening the stomach and back muscles. Pilates, yoga and swimming are also great forms of strengthening exercises. They train the muscles to offer a stronger level of support for the spine, which helps take pressure off the discs. Patients might have to wear a brace or corset. Steroids might help with reducing inflammation around the nerves, which eases the pain.

Herniated Disc

herniated_discSpinal discs grow weaker and wear out as you grow older. They become prone to any damage from a number of different factors. Excessive amounts of pressure applied to the disc can cause it to become herniated. If the disc touches a nerve, it can interfere with normal functions, which causes numbness or pain in the arms or legs. This condition can be fixed with surgery. It might dissipate without surgery, but only by following proper non-surgical treatments.


Sciatica defines pain radiating through the sciatic nerve. It often only affects one side of the body. Even though the nerve has two different branches, each one of the branches following a leg from the hill to the hip, it doesn’t have to cause both sides to be affected.

Any of these painful conditions can make life quite difficult. Common tasks that you once performed every day become difficult to accomplish on your own. If the diseases are properly monitored and cared for, the patient can go on to live a life free from pain. After treatment, you should be able to get back to all of those things that you once loved without having to worry about stiffness and pain.

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