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Degenerative Disc In Beaumont TX

Degenerative Disc Surgery Beaumont, TX

Spine Tech Degenerative disc surgeryIf you think that you may be suffering from degenerative disc in Beaumont TX then you may want to get in touch with the experts at Spine Tech to see what your options are.   While this condition is sometimes referred to as a disease, it really isn’t.  It is basically the normal changes that occur in the discs of the spinal column as you age.  See, the discs are soft and compressible and they serve the purpose of keeping the vertebrae separate.  Think of them as the shock absorbers of the back.  They also give the flexibility that is necessary for twisting, flexing and bending.  Although this condition can affect the entire spinal column, it generally localizes to the lower back or neck.

When these discs start changing, it can have some detrimental results including:

  • Osteoarthritis which is characterized by a breakdown of the cartilage that protects and cushions the joints.
  • It can also lead to a herniated disc which is an abnormal breaking open or bulging of the spinal disc.
  • Also possible is spinal stenosis which is basically where the spinal canal narrows.
  • Any one of these conditions can have a negative result of pressure on the spinal cord and nerves leading to pain and abnormal nerve function.

Spine Tech Degenerative Disc Surgery

Degenerative disc Beaumont, TexasIf you are considering degenerative disc surgery in Beaumont, TX then you must first show signs and symptoms that are commonly associated with this condition.

While generally, symptoms include pain in the back and/or neck, in reality, symptoms can vary from person to person.  Sometimes there is no pain at all while the pain that others experience is so severe that they actually restrict their activities.

Location of the pain is also a variable that will depend on where the affected disc is located.  If the affected disc happens to be in the neck then the pain can be in the neck or arm.  If the affected disc is in the lower back then the pain it causes can be felt in the back, leg or behind.  Pain that is associated with this condition can actually worsen when certain movements such as twisting, bending or reaching are attempted.

This type of surgery can be helpful or not.  Many times, when patients have this type of procedure there are positive results achieved.  However, just as often there are no results seen at all.  If you are thinking about this type of procedure, talk to your physician and discuss your options.