How Degenerative Disc Surgery Beaumont TX Can Help

Degenerative disc surgery Beaumont TXHaving degenerative disc disease can cause a number of different problems in the back and spine. While degenerative disc disease is a natural part of aging, some spinal conditions can speed up the process as you grow older. The spinal discs themselves serve a big purpose in the back, and the slightest bit of compression can make the body feel pain.

Each disc separates all of the bones that make up the spine and absorb shock. The discs need to be in place in order for the spine to comfortably twist and bend. This doesn’t just affect your flexibility. Everyday tasks like walking, standing or lifting can become unbearable when the discs are damaged. Because degenerative disc disease typically affects the lower spine and neck, it becomes more noticeable as we try to live our everyday lives.

Who is at Risk for Degenerative Disc Disease?

Most people are at risk for degenerative disc disease as they age. There are a number of controlled factors that can put individuals at a higher risk. People who are overweight, for example, may be putting stress on their spines, causing disc problems. Smokers and people who do a lot of heavy lifting are also at risk for fluid loss, tears and cracks in their discs.

Spine Tech has also worked with patients that were seriously injured. Impact from car accidents, for example, can often cause tiny cracks in the discs. While many people who have been injured will also need additional assistance in the healing process, degenerative disc surgery may be a good option for them. Sudden injuries may lead into the degeneration process, reducing the padding between the discs.

Why Would Someone Need Degenerative Disc Surgery Beaumont TX?

There are many conditions that can cause damage to the discs. Degenerative disc surgery Beaumont TX may be an option for people who are simply experiencing a lot of pain. In addition, conditions like osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, and herniated discs can cause additional pain. A herniated disc, for example, is an abnormal bulging or opening in the spinal disc. This may cause the vertebrae to rub together or cause pain when the spine is moved.

Degenerative disc disease can also affect the body in a number of ways. The most common is pain in the neck and back, but symptoms are different for everybody. Even though the disease can hurt the spine in a number of uncomfortable ways, some people don’t feel any pain at all. The level of pain felt is never the same; however, it could worsen over time.

Spine Tech Degenerative disc surgery is designed to help correct the conditions that are causing degeneration. Tiny cracks and tears may be repairable with proper treatments.

What Happens During Degenerative Disc Surgery?

There are several different treatments that can help people with degenerative disc disease. The surgery that you undergo will depend on the severity of the damage. In order to be diagnosed, your surgeon will need to understand your symptoms and see your medical history. Afterwards, a physical exam is done to confirm the damage.

Additional tests are also done before and after surgery in order to understand the amount of damage the discs have. MRI scans, X-rays and discographies are often used because they produce clear images. Fluids and nerves may also be tested to gain a better understanding of the patient’s condition.

Every surgery procedure is different, so it is important to talk to the surgeon ahead of time. Most degenerative disc surgeries will involve fusing the two affected vertebra together and removing the degenerated disc. Follow the advice they give you about how to care for yourself and how to prep for any outpatient treatments. Your surgeon will also give you instructions on how to care for your back after surgery is performed.

Don’t be surprised if your treatment includes methods other than outpatient surgery. Doctors and surgeons often need to create custom plans to help a patient recover. This can include a mix of physical therapy and medication. Steroid injections may also be used before or after surgery to help relieve some of the pain.

The Best Place for Degenerative Disc Surgery Beaumont TX

inexpensive place for degenerative disc Beaumont, TexasThere are many places that do degenerative disc surgery in Beaumont TX. Sometimes, the choices in surgeons can be overwhelming. When looking for the best place for degenerative disc surgery, make sure you schedule a consultation with a doctor. Your regular physician may be able to make a personal recommendation that can help you.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, schedule a consultation with each one. Your initial consultation will help you get a good idea of what working with the surgeon will be like. They should be able to provide you with some insight into the disease and give you a personalized treatment plan. Be sure to ask plenty of questions so that you have a clear understanding of the procedure.

If you are looking for an inexpensive place for degenerative disc Beaumont, Texas, try contacting Spine Tech. Their surgeons have a vast knowledge of spinal problems and can help you identify and treat your condition. They will do their best to make sure you are comfortable and have the knowlege you need to make good decisions about your treatment. Contact Spine Tech today to learn more about treatment options for degenerative disc disease.

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