Degenerative Disc Surgery In Beaumont TX

Benefits of Degenerative Disc Surgery in Beaumont, TX

degenerative disc in Beaumont TexasAs you grow older your body goes through a lot of changes. Muscles may relax, bones get weaker and your hormone levels deplete. Another pain you may have to deal with is degenerative disc disease.

While this may sound terrifying, the disease itself does not necessarily get worse with age. The disease is called degenerative because it is referring to the gradual deterioration of discs in your back. Over time you discs can become worn down from over-use or excess weight. Additionally, some patients suffer back pain from this disease simply because the discs in their back are getting older.

The pain from this disease can be quite uncomfortable and even limit the type of activities you are able to do. Nearly everyone will experience some degree of degeneration in their back, but not everyone will feel the pain or experience symptoms. The seriousness varies widely between individuals.

If you are suffering from back pain due to the discs in your back wearing down, there are a few options to help alleviate the pain so you can do the things you enjoy doing.

Managing pain from a degenerative disc in Beaumont, Texas

If you are suffering with pain from a degenerative disc in Beaumont Texas, you may be feel helpless in resolving the symptoms. Depending on the severity of the pain and the location of the degenerative disc, your pain symptoms could be light or severe. Symptoms may appear in your lower back, neck or even your arms and legs.

For minor aches and pains, Tylenol or Ibuprofen can help alleviate the pain and allow you to comfortably go about your day. For more serious pain, there are additional pain relief options. Other symptoms that may indicate the need for a surgical procedure are numbness and muscle spasms.

Sometimes techniques like acupuncture, soaking in a tub or careful massage can help alleviate pain. Additionally, adjusting how and how long you sit, getting more cardio exercise and doing strength training exercises can help alleviate some of the pain. If you do opt for exercise to treat symptoms, you should consider hiring a physical therapist to eliminate, or seriously reduce, the risk of injuring your back.

Other lifestyle changes that can help alleviate pain include drinking more water, getting up and moving more often, stretching and eliminating nicotine and alcohol from your diet.

When pain is debilitating enough to limit your activities, more permanent solutions may be called for. You may find relief by opting for degenerative disc surgery in Beaumont TX. To determine whether you may qualify for surgical relief, it helps to determine how often you have to make concessions in your lifestyle due to back or neck pain. If it’s a daily occurrence, surgery should be a consideration.

Spine Tech degenerative disc surgery

In cases where the pain is severe enough to limit your mobility or activity level, surgery may be the only course for relief. While there is a scary stigma associated with back surgery, technological and medical advances have made it possible for many back and spine surgical procedures to be performed in an outpatient clinic.

If you are eligible for an outpatient procedure, you will save money and be able to recover in the comfort of your own home.

There are several outpatient surgical procedures that can help relieve pain associated with degenerated discs in your back. Spine Tech offers several procedures that provide minimally invasive techniques so your back can feel better and you can be back to your old self three times as fast as traditional surgical procedures.

Not all patients or conditions qualify for outpatient treatment, but if you do, you can schedule your treatment and return home the same day. Outpatient treatments do not require overnight observation from a medical professional. Additionally, in many cases outpatient spinal procedures allow patients to begin physical therapy as early as the next day.

If you need Spine Tech degenerative disc surgery, you can rest assured that our surgeons will find the right procedure for you.

Benefits of choosing surgery

degenerative disc surgery in Beaumont TXNot all cases of degenerative disc disease require surgery. Mild cases can typically be managed with over the counter medicine, exercise and relaxation. However, patients suffering from moderate to severe pain should consider a surgical procedure for several reasons:

Surgery relieves the symptoms quickly: While there will be some pain during recovery, surgically repairing or replacing discs in your back can relieve pain symptoms from the disc very quickly.

Pain relief lasts longer: If you are constantly taking pain medication to moderate the pain in your back, neck or shoulders, you likely need to consider surgery. While pain medications only last a few hours, a surgical repair can eliminate the pain completely. Not only will your pain relief last much, much longer, you can protect your body by reducing or eliminating the need for pain medications.

Minimal recovery time: While all surgeries have some recovery time, if you qualify for an outpatient procedure, your recovery time will be minimized. This means you can go home and resume normal activities within a few days or weeks.

If you are considering surgical relief for your back or neck pain, you should try other methods of pain relief first. Many medical practitioners recommend at least 6 months of physical therapy and lifestyle changes in an attempt to relieve painful symptoms first. If these pain relief options are ineffective, you should consult with a surgeon to discuss whether back surgery can help you.

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