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Step with spineTECH

SpineTECH team will customize a treatment plan specifically for you.
Pain mapping – Your doctor will examine health history, conduct a physical exam, and utilize diagnostic imagining provided by EMG, MRI, and VMA.
Your doctor will target appropriate pain generators through therapeutic injections and physical therapy while limiting narcotic pain medications.
Based on the results of your response to conservative care, your doctor will customize a treatment plan if needed for further intervention. He will consider your state of health for your best interest. All of your options will be explained for you to make an informed decision for the best possible outcome. SpineTECH treats YOU, not necessarily your diagnosis.
Long term pain relief, increased mobility, and higher level of functioning. Get back to work, get back to living!
SpineTECH will take you through the steps… ¬†Make that first step today! Call for an appointment
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