Low Cost Cervical Disc Replacement In Beaumont TX

Cervical Disc Replacement

cervical disc replacement in Beaumont TXHere at Spine Tech Neurocare, we are dedicated to rid you of your incessant back or neck pain. We want to help you get better and get back to doing daily activities that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. We want to give you a procedure that can get you back to your old self. Not being able to be happy doing the things that you want to do can make you become very depressed with yourself as well as feeling hopeless that you will never get better. There are various physical therapy treatments that can help you get better, but tend to take too much time as well as being very painful with a fifty/fifty chance of getting better. Medications can be administered to help you feel better but they are not intended for long-term purposes. At Spine Tech Neurocare, we want to bring you back into the world being able to do the things that you want to do, when you want.

We provide Spine Tech cervical disc replacement, a procedure that involves removing the tissue around the cervical disc that has been damaged or deteriorated. Cervical discs are the parts in the spine that absorb shock between the cervical spine and the vertebrae. Trauma can happen the cervical discs due to accidents or simply just deteriorate over time; this can put the person through a lot of pain that is excruciating. Having cervical disc replacement in Beaumont TX means that an artificial disc will be put in place of the deteriorated disc, which will alleviate the pain for the patient. You no longer have to worry about doing things in your day that might cause you pain. Cervical disc replacement will improve the pain you might be having because our surgeons will fix the pressure that has been on your spinal cord or roots that exit from the spine.

Outpatient Cervical Disc Replacement from Spine Tech

When you have pressure placed on your spinal roots or spinal chord, it will eventually cause pain because that is how your body will react to the disturbance in your back or neck. Here at Spine Tech, you can receive inexpensive cervical disc replacement in Beaumont TX that will take the pain away from the pain or numbness that may be radiating from your back or neck. We are many of the places to have cervical disc replacement in Beaumont TX; the treatment starts with medication or physical therapy with maybe a few spinal injections but if the pain gets worse or the pain doesn’t seem to be getting any better then it is time to think about having surgery on your spine to get rid of the pain.

Surgery for low cost cervical disc replacement in Beaumont TX is highly recommended for patients who have a herniated disc that has moved to one side of the canal in the spine. This problem can easily be taken care of by performing surgery on the backside of the neck. We do not recommend our surgeries for children or in patients who have an instable area or abnormal range of motion in the affected location, such as people with osteoporosis. Disc replacements won’t have a helpful affect on those with an infection that will keep attacking the area regardless or if osteoporosis keeps degenerating the bones. Finding places to have cervical disc replacement can be found by searching on the Internet or by visiting our website. Here at Spine Tech Neurosurgery, we provide surgery disc replacement instead of going through fusion or a disectomy. We only provide this surgery to single cervical discs and not adjacent discs because it hasn’t been approved.

low cost cervical disc replacement in Beaumont TXWhen our patients enter our outpatient cervical disc replacement here at Spine Tech Neurocare, you will be put under an anesthetic so that you will be out during the surgery. Naturally our patients will lie down on his or her back on the operating table where he or she will be gently sliced once or twice on the side of the neck. After the incision or incisions are made, professional and experienced doctors will remove the damaged or deteriorated disc by using a microscope to ensure that the entire disc is removed and there will be no discomfort. The nerves can then decompress and the patient will be prepared for placement of the new disc. This replacement disc is specially shaped to fit the patient and placed into a position that will not cause pain to him or her. Sometimes we may place a drain coming from the wound so that any fluids can leave the wound and it can heal properly; this drain can be removed at your bed that next day after your surgery. In fact, most of our patients can leave the same day or the next morning, but it still might be important to wear a neck brace so that your neck can rest and heal before you used it for a week.

Here at Spine Tech Neurocare, we want to get you back to a life without numbness and excruciating pain just hours after surgery. Every person is different, which means that every body heals differently so some patients may take longer than others; it can take up to several weeks or months to fully recover. Regardless, our procedure is an affordable and fast solution to your back and neck pain. Call our facility today to set up an appointment or ask us your questions.

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