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Lumbar Fusion Surgery Beaumont TX

Lumber Fusion Surgery, Beaumont, TX

Lumbar Fusion surgery beaumont txThere are times when it is medically necessary for multiple vertebrae in the spine to be joined (fused) together.  This means that there will be an elimination of the movement between them.  This fusion occurs using techniques that act just as the normal process of healing broken bones does.

When a fusion is performed, there is a bone like material that will be placed between the affected vertebrae.  Along with this, rods, metal plates and even screws can be added to make the vertebrae stay together in an effort to make it heal into a single piece.

This type of surgery does not come without risks.  It makes that part of the spine immobile and as such will have an effect on how the spine moves as a whole.  There is also more stress than usual placed on the vertebrae right above and below the fused piece.  With this additional stress, these vertebrae can degenerate faster than normal.

Results of Spine Tech Lumbar Fusion Surgery Beaumont, TX

This type of surgical procedure is generally and effective way to treat spinal deformity, instability and fractures.  That said, when the cause of pain is unclear, studies can be mixed on the efficacy of the treatment.  Many times, this treatment is no more effective than any other approach.

Spine TechEven in cases where there is a herniated disc or bone spur visible on an X-ray, the actual cause may be difficult to find.  Alternately, many times, people have X-rays that show evidence of back issues and yet they experience no pain.  That shows that the pain is not always linked to the problem revealed in the scans.

When relief is found through a lumbar fusion, there are still many times when later on there is even more pain.  Because when you immobilize a part of the spinal column, more stress will be exerted on the parts directly above and below it.  This added stress will actually cause the acceleration and exacerbation of other issues such as disc degeneration.  This in turn can cause a need for there to be more surgical procedures necessary in the future.

There are definite pros and cons to this type of procedure.  You need to sit down and thoroughly discuss each one of these with your physician at Spine Tech in an effort to determine if the lumbar fusion surgery Beaumont TX has to offer is a viable option for you or if it will not be worth it in the end.