Lumbar Fusion Surgery In Beaumont Texas

Lumbar Fusion: A Liberating Procedure

lumbar fusion surgery in Beaumont TexasYour spine is made up of 33 vertebrae divided into five sections throughout your neck and the curves of your back. The lumbar region is the middle region, found in the lower torso. It connects the rib cage to the hipbones and is responsible for allowing your back to twist, bend and swivel when you move. The condition of these five bones and the cartilage between them is essential to your daily life. However, your body and your life don’t always cooperate.

When accidents damage the spine or when genetic malformations bend it out of shape, life can become unbearable. You never really know how much you relied on your spine until it becomes difficult to use. Limitations on your spine are limitations on mobility, which can affect your work, your social life and even your personal life.

Fortunately, damage to the lumbar vertebrae and the surrounding tissues is treatable at locations. Lumbar fusion is a surgical procedure in which the lumbar vertebrae are fused together with metal in order to end the discomfort and pain of diseased, damaged or misaligned bones. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, more than 488,000 people receive spinal fusions every year. Those in need of lumbar fusion surgery in Beaumont Texas area have a wide array of options available to them.

The Surgical Process for Lumbar Fusion

Many people are naturally uncomfortable with surgery. This fear often leads people to avoid getting help when they actually need it. To help alleviate this fear, the medical professionals performing lumbar fusion in the Beaumont, Texas area offer a wide variety of options for each state of the surgical process. Those freed of their back pain by a surgical procedure often wonder why they didn’t talk to their doctor about it years before.

The first step in determining if you need a lumbar fusion surgery is a quick CT scan or an MRI scan. This harmless procedure tells doctors which bones are out of place, giving them a map of your specific needs and helping them decide what treatments would work for you. With this data, your doctor can study your back carefully and discuss with you a plan for a minimally invasive procedure targeted at the source of your pain. Spinal fusion is not the only option – depending on your condition, a doctor may determine another procedure or even a non-surgical solution would be more effective.

Lumbar fusion causes two vertebrae to naturally fuse together by holding them closely in place. It treats fractures, herniate discs, chronic pain and vertebrae that healed incorrectly after a prior accident, as well as spinal deformities like scoliosis and degenerative disc disease. With hundreds of thousands of people receiving spinal fusions every year, the medical science surrounding these procedures has made them safe for patients and ever more effective for treating their maladies.

There are two types of fusion. Posterolateral fusion connects the vertebrae along the curve of the spine while interbody fusion fuses the vertebrae between each other in the space normally taken up by the disc of cartilage between the vertebrae. Which kind of fusion you receive depends on your body’s specific needs and your doctor’s educated judgment. Both have been used on thousands of people and both are generally effective at treating a patient’s back pain.

Experience and Expertise at Each Step

lumbar fusion surgeryBeaumont residents have many options for spine treatment. No two patients are exactly alike, so as a patient you should be aware of all of the options available to you through all stages of the surgery and post-surgery processes.

Surgery is performed under heavy anesthesia by trained professionals. Experienced surgeons have performed operations like yours many time before and will have studied your particular spinal problem in detail well before surgery begins. They treat each patient with the utmost care according to best medical practice.

Lumbar fusion typically takes between half a year and a full year after surgery to complete. The recovery process immediately following surgery, however, is much shorter. This process may be assisted by a number of treatment plans. The pain medication your doctor prescribes is designed to alleviate your pain without being habit forming. Treatments that use minimal medication are also available, including physiotherapeutic options involving ice packs.

Outpatient treatment is available for Beaumont residents. These programs allow some patients to recover from their surgeries in the comfort of their own home. While these treatments are not for all cases, those who qualify for outpatient treatment typically find it to be a welcome alternative to hospital care.

Your medical professionals’ commitment to your comfort continues even after you return home. Your doctors and nurses will be able to answer your questions about what lifestyle choices to make so that you get your life back as quickly as possible. After surgery, you will be surprised about what you’ve been missing because of your neck pain. Many patients wonder why they didn’t get corrective surgery earlier.

Lumbar fusion is not for everyone and it is not effective 100% of the time. Occasionally, additional surgeries may be required to make sure the procedure is as effective as possible. You should consult carefully with experienced medical professionals before deciding to receive lumbar fusion.

Lumbar fusion can save you years of discomfort, remove the need for pain medication and improve your quality of life. If you suffer from chronic spinal pain, don’t wait any longer. Do the research and talk to your doctor about your options to lead you to a life without back pain.

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