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Spine Tech Lumbar Fusion Surgery Beaumont TX

Lumbar Fusion surgery in Beaumont TXLiving a life that is filled with unbearable pain isn’t any way to live a life. When your back or neck is constantly hurting you and preventing you from doing daily activities or hobbies you may have started seeking treatment. One of the first things a patient may undergo is physical therapy but this is a long and painful process. Another option is do have spinal injections and take medication but these are not aimed for long term use. Here at Spine Tech Neurocare we provide  .

We are a company that wants to get you back onto your feet and having fun. We understand how hopeless it may get at times that you will never be ok and the pain will remain perpetual, but we are here to tell you it can all be over with a surgery performed by specialists at our facility. Don’t let the pain consume your life and let you fall into depression. Make a change with Lumbar Fusion surgery in Beaumont TX so that your view on life can enhance once again.

Spine Tech Lumbar Fusion Surgery Can Alleviate Pain

Places that do Lumbar Fusion surgery in Beaumont provide this surgery to combine several vertebrae in your spinal column so that there is no movement allowed between them. This inexpensive Lumbar Fusion surgery in Beaumont TX is used the same way broken bones would heal themselves. Our professional and highly trained surgeons will put material that is similar to bone in between the space of two vertebrae. They will then place metal plates, rods, and screws in to connect and hold the spine together; this process permits the spine and the bone like material to heal as one piece. Spine Tech Lumbar Fusion surgery is used so that the spine becomes immobile in certain areas, which changes the way the spine moves. However, this surgery can put stress on the vertebrae in areas surrounding the bone-like material and this can cause an increased rate of degeneration in that designated area.

Here at Spine Tech lumbar fusion surgery in Beaumont TX is done for the purpose of permanently connecting several vertebrae so as to help better your steadiness and to reduce the pain that you have been dealing with for months or maybe even years. In some cases, your doctor may recommend Lumbar Fusion to treat deformities that may be forming on the upper part of the spine causing a sideways curve. We are the best place for Lumbar Fusion surgery in Beaumont TX because at Spine Tech, we provide this procedure for various other reasons other than deformities.

In some cases, a broken spine may not be able to fix or mend itself without a person having treatment such as surgery. If the spinal column is unstable due to an accident causing broken spinal vertebrae then Lumbar Fusion is used to create stability. Another way the spine is unstable or weak is in severe cases of arthritis of the spine. Due to this, there might be irregular movements in the spinal column and Lumbar Fusion is the only way to ensure stability. Stability is an important part of the spine’s attributes to the body because it holds you together and standing tall; having a herniated disc will cause problems, which is why this surgery is used to create a stable spinal structure after the herniated disc has been taken out.

Spine Tech lumbar fusion surgeryThere is also a disorder called Spondylolisthesis that causes a vertebra to slide forward and collide into another lying under it. Lumbar Fusion only treats Spondylolisthesis if the pain is too excruciating and causes the leg to be in agony or become numb. Lumbar Fusion can fix constant pain in your lower back from unknown causes because it restricts movement. Escape the pain with this affordable surgery from our facility and get back to a life with meaning.

Spine Tech Neurocare provides Lumbar Fusion surgery to fix fractures and provide stability in the spine as well as correct spine deformities. Sometimes the cause of pain can’t be found and this fusion surgery won’t be very helpful, in fact, it will be as helpful as physical therapy. X-rays can show herniated discs and other back problems but not everyone experiences pain, so pain isn’t always the reason for problems on your x-ray scan. Lumbar Fusion surgery can alleviate pain in your spine but in some cases the pain has been shown to come back especially since the spine cannot freely move. The spine may then start degenerating and cause further problems later down the road. Talk to your doctor or physician about the choices you have for treating your chronic back pain and figure out the right steps to take.

At Spine Tech Neurocare, we want to make sure that you make the right choice in healing your body. If we can be of service in improving the stability in your spine, we are ever so happy to do so. Our professional doctors have the proper training and knowledge to do a perfect surgery and can have you home faster than you think. We encourage you to talk to your doctor today about your constant neck or back pain and to call us if you have any questions because we are eager to help. Learn more about our services on our website and find out how you can start a path to getting your life back.

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