Minimally Invasive Fusion Beaumont, TX

Minimally Invasive Fusion in Beaumont, TX

Spine surgery is often performed as an open surgery, which means that the area being operated on is opened using a long incision that allows the surgeon to see and access the human anatomy inside. Over the recent years, changes with technological advancements are allowing more neck and back conditions to be treated using a minimally invasive fusion technique.

minimally-invasive-fusion_BeaumontSince this minimally invasive surgery doesn’t involve having to make a long incision, it can avoid any significant damage to the spine’s surrounding muscles. In the majority of cases, there is a minimal amount of pain following the procedure and the recovery time is minimal.

Spine surgery is often recommended when the patient has tried using physical therapy and medication to treat the problem without success. When the painful symptoms continue, there is no other alternative than to turn to surgery to treat the problem. Beyond just being in pain, the doctor will also have to be able to pinpoint the exact reason why you are in pain, such as spinal stenosis or a herniated disc.

Minimally invasive procedures are beginning to be used for a large number of different spine procedures. They are often commonly used for handling spinal fusion or decompression since back in the 1990s. Decompression will work to relieve pressure placed on the spinal nerves through removal of a herniated disc or a part of the bone. Spinal fusion can help to correct the problems with any small bones of your spine. The basic concept is to fuse the painful vertebrae together so that way they form a single, solid bone.

Understanding Minimally Invasive Fusion

minimally-invasive_fusionMinimally invasive surgery is often called less invasive spine surgery. When it comes to these procedures, the doctor will use a specialized instrument to gain access to the spine by means of a small incision.

In traditional surgeries, the doctor will make a five to six inch incision and move the muscles aside to access the spine. When the muscles are pulled to the side, the surgeon will be able to remove the damaged or diseased bone and discs. They will also be able to easily see where the screws, cages and, if needed, bone graft materials that are necessary for stabilizing the bones in the spine and promoting the healing process.

One of the main drawbacks to this procedure is that the pulling on the muscles can cause the soft tissue to become damaged. Even though the goal is to help the surgeon see the area better, it generally affects more parts of the anatomy than what the surgeon needs. Because of this, the potential for injury to the muscle increases, and patients might have pain following the surgery that isn’t the same as what they dealt with before the procedure. In the end, the patient has a lengthier recovery period.

Minimally invasive fusion Beaumont, TX was developed to be able to treat those individuals having spinal problems, without the fear of causing additional injuries to the normal structures and muscles of the spine. It also allows the surgeon to easily see right where the problem lies in the spine. Common advantages include minimal bleeding, smaller incisions and a shorter hospital stay.

Making the Decision

If you were originally worried about having to undergo spine surgery because of all the risks and recovery time involved, that isn’t a problem anymore. Using this amazing procedure, you will be on your way to a path of health and happiness in no time at all. Instead of dealing with pain every day, take the first step in getting any back conditions taken care of by talking to a professional about your condition.