Minimally Invasive Fusion

When Back Pain Means Spine Surgery

6996687666_62b996f41eBack pain can be the result of a minor pulling of a muscle or it could be the result of something much more serious. In order to know the difference, it is a good idea to see a doctor about any recurring back pain that lasts for an extended amount of time.

While you would love to receive the news that your back pain is just the discomfort of overworking it, you might find out that you have one or more herniated discs or another back issue. If that is the case, treatment for your condition will often mean surgery because physical therapy and medication aren’t solving the problem.

Why You Should Consider a Minimally Invasive Fusion

Surgery makes anyone nervous, and in the past, spine surgery required the surgeon to make a long incision in order to open up the area where the surgeon would be performing surgery. This allowed the doctor to be able to see clearly as they are performing the procedure.

These kinds of surgeries were generally safe as long as they were performed by a skilled surgeon, but there are risks involved as well as some unfortunate guarantees.

A large degree of pain is an unfortunate guarantee because the surgeon has to move the muscle tissues surrounding your spine around in order to access the spinal areas that they need to. The patient also risks injury to the spine’s surrounding tissues for the same reason.

Why a Spine Tech Minimally Invasive Fusion is Right for You

3346782208_b48a8233bfFortunately, technological advancements have made the long and wide open incisions for a surgery largely a thing of the past. Surgeons are relying on more minimally invasive procedures that leave their patients in less pain, leave less scarring, and involve fewer risks. If you’re having back pain related to a herniated disc, you might be a prime candidate for a minimally invasive fusion.

With a Spine Tech minimally invasive fusion, instead of the doctor making a long incision and having to move the surrounding tissues around, the doctor will use a specialized tool to access the area of the spine that they need to perform a procedure through a much smaller incision.

Because the surgeon operates through a small incision, the risk of further injury or a higher degree of pain and recovery time disappears. Instead, you’ll be left with a minimal amount of pain, and your incision will heal much more quickly than if the incision were longer. This also means a shorter time of staying in the hospital while you recover.

The Safest Minimally Invasive Fusion Beaumont, TX Has to Offer

Spine Tech offers the safest minimally invasive fusion Beaumont TX has to offer. If you’re suffering from back pain, don’t wait to have it checked out.

If you find out that surgery is your final option, you can know that a Spine Tech spinal surgeon will have you feeling better and pain free in no time through one of their minimally invasive procedures.


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