Spine Tech Degenerative Disc Surgery

Degenerative Disc Surgery Improves Quality Of Life

2022556616_cf99bdfef9As we grow older, normal breakdowns occur in our spinal discs, which are the soft, compressible components that separate all the numerous interlocking bones that make up our spines.  These discs have a special job – they act as shock absorbs for the spine, giving it room to flex, bend, twist and other typical functions that the spine naturally performs every day.  When these discs degenerate, usually in the lower back and neck area, the result can be severe and debilitating pain.

Disc degeneration can cause osteoarthritis, abnormal bulging of a spinal disc, and spinal Stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal.  All these serious conditions introduce terrible pressure on nerves as well as the spinal cord, which ultimately causes intense, progressive, chronic pain and may even affect the function of your nerves.  This is called degenerative disc disease, and it can have powerful adverse affects on the quality of your life.

When suffering from a degenerative disc, Beaumont, Texas surgeons from Spine Tech Neurosurgery have many solutions.  Whether your pain is the result of a spontaneous injury, lost fluid in the disc, or the evolution of tiny cracks and tears in the outer areas of the disc, Spine Tech degenerative disc surgery can correct the problem and diminish or even eliminate you excruciating pain.  After a thorough assessment of your symptoms, we can determine the location of your injured disc and recommend the most appropriate treatment.

Our facility contains the most comprehensive surgical technology, and we will provide expert consultation on the most appropriate course of treatment for your condition.  We respect how difficult living with chronic back pain can be, and our one goal is to take away your pain, which will allow you to resume the activities you once enjoyed but can no longer participate in.

Spine Tech Surgeries Use Minimally Invasive Techniques

6878044409_25cf7f65bbSpine Tech employs the least invasive out-patient surgeries, allowing you to recover at home the same day, and resume work and normal routines in less than a week.

We urge those who suffer from back pain to talk to our highly experienced staff to determine causes and treatment options, because degenerative disc Beaumont TX disease that goes untreated can significantly worsen over time.

If you are considering degenerative disc surgery has the talented and compassionate surgeons who can eliminate the restrictions you have had to place on your life due to your chronic back pain.


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