Spine Tech Lumbar Fusion Surgery Beaumont TX

Lumbar Fusion Surgery Gives You Back Your Life

445px-Robotic_Spinal_Surgery When you suffer from back pain, life can often seem unbearable. Untreated pain can rapidly worsen the problem, ultimately limiting the quality of life, subsequently causing depression, frustration and anger.   Chronic back pain can be the result of numerous issues, including broken vertebrae, deformities, instability or weakness of the spine, Sciatica, arthritis, Spondylolisthesis, herniated disc, unsuccessful surgeries and often from reasons that are unable to be contributed to any specific disorder or cause. Lumbar fusion surgery is a procedure that permanently connects the vertebrae in your spine, therefore eliminating any movement between them that causes intense pain.

When you have tolerated all the pain you can and finally want your life back, you must call SpineTech Neurosurgery.  When making the very important decision to have lumbar fusion surgery Beaumont TX is a very lucky area to live in.  Our highly educated and trained surgeons are dedicated to successfully and permanently relieving your back pain.

Spine Tech Will Ease Your Suffering

Before you have Spine Tech Lumbar Fusion surgery Beaumont TX surgeons from our facility will carefully explain what your procedure will entail.  The lumbar fusion procedure mimics the normal healing process of a broken bone.  During your procedure, a surgeon will adhere a bone-like material between the spaces of the two vertebrae in your spine.  We use superior screws, rods and metal plates to hold the vertebrae together, allowing them to heal into a single unit.

Lumbar Fusion Surgery Eliminates Pain

8147382870_f81e025d0cSpine Tech is so successful in eliminating severe back pain because we utilize the top medical advances and technology in the lumbar field.  We completely understand how frightening the prospect of surgery on your back is, and recognize that many patients put off treatment from the fear of painful surgeries, the prospect of long recovery times or needing strong medications for a long time.

Many of our patients’ back pain can be treated with out-patient surgery, and are thrilled to learn they can be recuperating in their homes the very same day.  Most surgeries are minimally-invasive, and many patients notice immediate results and are able to return to work in less than a week.  Our facility offers superior follow-up care, including physical therapy.

We urge you to stop ignoring your debilitating pain or wishing it would simply disappear.  We have the extensive knowledge and experience to hand your life back to you in a matter of days.

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