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Degenerative Disc Replacement in Beaumont, TX

Degenerative disc surgery in Beaumont, TexasYour spinal cord and its protective layer of bones, cartilage and muscles run all along the length of your back, from your skull to your tailbone. The 33 vertebrae of your spinal column have discs of cartilage in between to allow them to bend and twist while remaining sturdy enough to protect the nerves of your spinal cord. The sensitive nerves in your spinal cord carry electrochemical signals from all of your body. When treated properly and if no accidents or diseases occur, both the vertebrae and the discs last throughout your entire life.

However, life is hard to predict, and many people suffer from chronic back pain due to malformations, diseases or injuries affecting the back and spine. As people get older, the cartilaginous discs can become weak through disease or from constant pressure over years of intense labor or repeated injury. They can also be damaged from severe sporting or work accidents. While unpredictable, these incidents can be very severe.

When these calamities occur, they can cause terrible long-term spine pain and affect every aspect of your life. Bones and discs pressing against the spinal cord cause acute discomfort and sometimes cause neurological malfunctions. Many with chronic spine pain can no longer work as effectively as before, and some are even confined to their homes. The pain can make you think twice before going out for social events. Life with chronic spine pain can be unbearable.

Modern medical practitioners have studied the spinal column and the conditions affecting it. If you have degenerative disc disease, your doctor can recommend a specialist in the Beaumont, Texas are who can diagnose and treat your specific condition. A surgical procedure performed by trained physicians can leave you feeling much better. You may wonder why you didn’t seek treatment earlier.

Spine Tech Degenerative Disc Surgery

Degenerative disc surgery in Beaumont, TX may not be as complicated as you think. A wide array of options is available for every step of the process.

Some spinal problems can be effectively treated without the need for surgery. Therapeutic treatment and pain medication alleviate many of the problems associated with spine conditions, allowing better mobility and reduced pain. While many “home remedies” are ineffective, well-studied alternative treatments are a blessing for those with minor back pain.

However, many conditions are too serious to be solved with anything less than degenerative disc surgery in Beaumont, Texas. Your doctor can recommend the best place for degenerative disc surgery. The realignment of bones and nerves to their original state after deformation from injury or disease can provide lasting relief from debilitating spinal conditions.

Your treatment begins with an X-ray, MRI or CT scan, which will give your doctor a map of the specific layout of your spine. These harmless procedures are essential to a successful surgery because they help physicians make a plan before they ever make an incision. Your doctor can determine the cause of your pain, explain how you might have received it (if you don’t know already), and help you decide on a minimally invasive treatment plan.

In Beaumont, Texas, an inexpensive degenerative disc replacement procedure involves removing and replacing a weakened cartilaginous disc with a prosthetic one. Like all prosthetics, this new disc is designed to perform the same function as the body part it replaces with minimal disruption to your daily life. Replacing the damaged disc or discs and fastening the new prosthetic in place will prevent further damage to that section of your spine, alleviate your pain and restore your lost mobility. Most surgeries of this type take between two and three hours to perform.

Degenerative disc surgery in Beaumont, Texas and other locations takes place under heavy anesthesia. Trained surgeons will locate the cause of your pain and alleviate it using the best medical techniques available. By the time they operate on your spinal condition, these men and women have had years of experience with procedures like yours and have studied the scans of your spine. You can trust in their expertise.

Surgical professionals in Beaumont TexasPost-treatment recovery varies from person to person, and many options are available. The length of the post-surgical recovery can be anywhere between six weeks and six months, depending on your age, your health and the severity of your condition. Surgical professionals in Beaumont Texas and the surrounding areas have years of experience with all kinds of patients and can accommodate your needs. Some of these options are not available to all patients, so be sure to ask your doctor about them before your surgery.

The painkillers and treatment methods used in places that do degenerative disc surgery are selected to minimize risk for dependency. Some hospitals even offer non-narcotic physiotherapeutic options, including procedures that use ice packs. Ask your doctor or click one of the links above to learn more about these options.

Outpatient recovery is available for those recovering from spinal surgery in the Beaumont area. This option allows you to recover in the comfort of your own home. With constant improvements in medical technology and in affordability, outpatient treatment is becoming more and more common throughout the United States.

A Better Life Through Spine Surgery

Spine Tech has more information about degenerative disc disease and surgery in the Beaumont, TX area. Click on the links above for more information.

Spinal surgery is universally successful in removing all the pain. Additional surgeries may be necessary depending on the severity of your condition. However, many patients are amazed at what their chronic back pain had them missing. A spinal procedure can help you get your life back and live a happier life.

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