The Best Neurosurgeon In Beaumont TX

Neurosurgery in Beaumont, Texas

outpatient Neurosurgery in Beaumont, TXConsidering surgery is a difficult process for anyone. Combine that with the severe pain associated with spinal problems, and making informed decisions becomes all the more difficult. While surgery is usually a last resort for treating spinal conditions, patients who have been unable to get relief from other treatments over several months may need to consider surgical treatment.

While x-rays can help identify broken bones or other skeletal problems, computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans allow your doctor to examine disc or soft-tissue damage. Nerve or muscle damage might be detected by using an electromyogram (EMG). All of these tests can help your doctor better analyze your symptoms and locate the source of your pain. Blood and urine tests may also be done to rule out infections and other systemic problems.

If you and your doctor determine that Neurosurgery is the right path to pursue toward your recovery, there are several considerations that can assist you in this process.

Outpatient Neurosurgery in Beaumont, TX

Traditional back surgery involves a long incision on the operative site to give the surgeon access to the spine. However, advances in technology now allow for many spine conditions to be treated with minimally invasive procedures. In such a procedure, doctors use specialized instruments to access the spine through a small incision and are thereby able to reduce the damage done to muscles surrounding the spine, resulting, usually, in less post-operative pain and a quicker recovery. Find out if your back problems might be able to be treated with such a procedure.

Minimally invasive neurosurgery requires a shorter hospital stay than a traditional surgery, and some procedures can even be performed as outpatient Neurosurgery in Beaumont, TX, allowing the patient to return home the same day as his/her procedure. Other minimally invasive procedures require 2-3 days’ recovery in the hospital. Work with your doctor to determine what treatment options are best for your condition.

Choosing among Spine Tech Beaumont Neurosurgeons

Selecting a good surgeon for your procedure is important. Consider what criteria are most important to you. Do you want a doctor whose practice or hospital is close to you? Do you need a doctor who has convenient office hours? Perhaps all you really care about is finding a doctor who is well qualified. Many people seek a doctor who listens well and is responsive to questions. Whatever your criteria are, jot them down as a starting point for asking questions of your prospective surgeon.

At Spine Tech, we commit ourselves to giving patients tools to help them make difficult decisions such as this one. After you have considered your criteria for finding a surgeon, the next step requires a little legwork, but we’ve started that work for you. Our information about Neurosurgeons can help you find a qualified doctor who meets your criteria and makes you feel comfortable with the best Neurosurgeon in Beaumont TX.

After you’ve called the offices and determined as well as you can which doctor best meets your criteria, schedule a consultation / evaluation appointment. When you visit the surgeon’s office, make sure you ask not only more details about your particular criteria but also about their specialty or specialties, how many procedures similar to yours he/she performs per month or per year, and what success rate he/she expects. You can also ask what the surgeon’s complication rate has been and, if you want, whether you might talk with a former patient who has gone through the same procedure.

Recovery and returning to activity after Neurosurgery

Every patient’s recovery process differs, and your doctor will be able to advise you on the timeline of your recovery. Some patients are able to return to part-time sedentary work within 1-2 weeks, and most patients will require at least 6 weeks of recovery before returning to full activity. Especially in cases of surgery on the back, the risks of having nerve pain return or having a disc herniate again can be mitigated by cautious aftercare, which your doctor can teach you about.

Your commitment to your recovery after Neurosurgery – especially back surgery – is important. Participating in a physical therapy program can help this transition. Exercising your back through focused physical therapy gives you the best chance for a positive long-term outcome. Such exercise and other physical therapy treatment can improve your recovery, allowing you to regain use of your back and reducing your level of post-operative pain.

The best Neurosurgeons in Beaumont, Texas

the best Neurosurgeon in Beaumont TXThere are many qualified Neurosurgeons in Beaumont, Texas. Just as every patient experience is different, every surgeon’s experience and expertise is different. Finding a good match between you and the best Neurosurgeons in Beaumont, Texas is key to getting the best treatment for your back.

At Spine Tech we understand how challenging the whole process of Neurosurgery is, from making a decision about surgery to rehabilitating from your procedure. Because of this, we have made it our mission to help provide you with the best resources for getting the care you need from the best Neurosurgeons in Beaumont, Texas. Our online resources can help you take control of your surgical process by educating yourself on the important issues and many options associated with inexpensive Neurosurgery in Beaumont, TX. Our expert doctors can help you determine what the best course of action is for treating your condition and can recommend what kind of physical therapy care will be most beneficial in your recovery.

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