The Best Neurosurgeons In Beaumont Texas

How to find the Best Neurosurgeons in Beaumont, Texas

the best neurosurgeons in Beaumont TexasWhen it looks as if neurosurgery is your only option for regaining a better quality of life, finding the best neurosurgeons in Beaumont Texas is important. This is probably an overwhelming and scary time, but making sure you have an experienced doctor you like and trust helps alleviate some of the worry. Choosing the right medical professional can be a difficult process, but if you have a better understanding of what to look for before your first appointment, you’ll be better equipped to make the right choice for you.

Qualifications of Neurosurgeons in Beaumont, Texas

Any of the neurosurgeons in Beaumont, Texas that you consider should have taken and passed a stringent exam to earn certification by the American Board of Neurological Surgery. Many neurosurgeons go on to complete specialized training that makes them experts in specific areas of the neurosciences. Whether the doctor you choose has experience in any of these specialized areas is of extreme importance to you as the patient because it will help you determine which doctor is best suited for your particular injury or disease.

In some instances, a neurosurgeon may decide to extend his training to participate in a spine fellowship program. This additional, specialized training is a sign the doctor has made an extra investment to become more skilled in his area of interest.

What to expect from your Surgeon

The neurosurgeon you choose should be readily available to help you make the important decisions regarding your care. He should take the time to get to know you personally and take a complete medical history as there may be circumstances unique to you that may influence your neurosurgical care. While you will probably have plenty of contact with his supporting staff, there is no substitute for the focused and comprehensive neurological exam that only your surgeon can provide.

A good neurosurgeon should:

  • Listen carefully
  • Perform a detailed neurological exam focusing on your specific complaint
  • Recommend appropriate tests
  • Review test results with you
  • Educate you on your specific neurologic condition
  • Discuss the consequences if no treatment is given
  • Review various options for treatment along with their risks and benefits
  • Make recommendations for a treatment plan
  • Discuss his previous experience and results with the recommended treatment

Questions to ask for the Best Neurosurgery in Beaumont, TX

Visiting a neurosurgeon for the first time can be somewhat overwhelming. So many questions and scenarios run through the mind – it can be difficult to remember everything. Writing down your questions can help you remember everything you want to ask. Include the following question to ensure you’re getting the best neurosurgery in Beaumont, TX.

  • How many times have you conducted this type of surgery? (The old saying, “Practice makes perfect” applies to surgery, too.
  • Are you board certified or board eligible? (There are usually certificates on the wall to show the doctor’s qualifications.)
  • Do you take part in a spine fellowship program? (This is important for some of the more extensive procedures.)
  • Can you recommend someone for a second opinion? (The doctor should readily give this information, and his recommendation should be someone NOT in the same practice.)
  • Do you have any statistics on this type of surgery? (Personal success rate, how many times has he performed the procedure, etc.)
  • Can I talk to previous patients who have had this type of surgery? (Usually, happy patients will be more than willing to share their experiences.)

Spine Tech Beaumont Neurosurgeons

Spine Tech Beaumont neurosurgeonsIf you’re in Texas and in need of treatment for a spine injury or disease, Spine Tech Beaumont neurosurgeons offer relief with a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments and medications.

Spine Tech treats a variety of spinal conditions including:

  • Spinal Osteoarthritis – A degenerative disc and joint disease that affects the neck and lower back. This condition causes weakness in the limbs along with severe, debilitating pain. While growing older plays a role in the formation of this disease, it can also be caused by injury.
  • Degenerative Disc Disease – Generally caused by aging, degenerative disc disease doesn’t affect everyone. Those who are overweight, take part in strenuous activity on a regular basis and smokers are most susceptible. Non-surgical treatments are available that focus on strengthening surrounding muscles and medications may help reduce swelling.
  • Herniated Disc – This condition is a result of growing older. Damage caused by any number of factors can place excess stress on the discs causing one or more to herniate. When a herniated disc touches nerves along the spine, pain and numbness are the result. This condition can be treated with surgery if non-surgical treatments fail to alleviate the discomfort.
  • Sciatica – Pain radiating through the sciatic nerve is referred to as sciatica. Usually affecting only one side of the body, pain and numbness is usually felt from hip to toe in one leg or the other.

All of these spinal conditions can cause discomfort and lessen a sufferer’s quality of life. Everyday tasks can become difficult and sometimes the inability to complete simple tasks on your own combined with constant pain can lead to depression. The good news is, all of these conditions can be treated, and many can be done as outpatient neurosurgery in Beaumont, TX.

Inexpensive neurosurgery in Beaumont, TX, along with a successful return to the life you once had before the pain set in, is in your reach. If you feel neurosurgery in Beaumont, TX might be your best bet, call the SpineTech office or request an appointment online to begin a personalized treatment plan today.


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