Migraines can significantly affect your everyday life or even incapacitate you. There are many ways to effectively treat this recurring condition. Our centers have highly qualified and experienced doctors in this field.   


High-impact, high-energy sports can increase the risk of injury to the spine, nerves, and brain. The neurology specialists at Spinetech are experienced in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of sports-related injuries that can keep you from enjoying the activities you love. For a complete evaluation and personalized treatment plan, call or book an appointment online with one of their offices in Beaumont, Conroe, Nederland, or Houston, Texas

There are several types of headaches, including:

  • Sinus headaches

  • Tension headaches

  • Rebound headaches

  • Cervicogenic cluster headaches (originating in the spine or neck)

  • Autonomic cephalalgias (originating in nerves)

These kinds of headaches require diagnosis, care, and treatment under the direction of a headache neurologist. The headache specialists at Spinetech use neurological examination, detailed health history, physical therapy, sleep studies, and diagnostic studies to properly diagnose and treat your head pain.

Diagnostic studies may include CT, MRI, sleep studies, blood tests, or lumbar puncture. Many of these can be done right in the office.


Symptoms associated with headaches or migraines may be caused by abnormalities in the brain, neck, or arteries, or may be the result of problems outside the head and neck.

Possible causes of headaches or migraines are:

  • Chemical or hormonal imbalance

  • Lack of or bad quality of sleep

  • Food intolerances

  • Stress or anxiety

  • Environmental factors

  • Medications

  • Sensory stimuli

  • Physical activity

You may also have underlying medical problems, such as hypertension, or specific triggers that cause or worsen your head pain, such as certain smells or activities.


The qualities of your headaches may depend on the underlying causes of your head pain. Your pain may be general or localized, sharp or dull, have a sudden onset, or gradually worsen.

Aside from head pain, you may have other symptoms associated with your headache or migraine, including:

  • Sensitivity to light, smells, or sound

  • Sensitivity to light, smells, or sound

  • Loss of appetite

  • Fatigue

  • Seizures

  • Extremity weakness

  • Personality changes

  • Vision disturbances

  • Vomiting

  • Pain with strain, cough, or sneeze

Your personalized headache treatment plan is determined by the root cause, triggers, your medical history, and associated symptoms. Your age, medical history, and preferences for treatment also help to create a long-term plan for relief and prevention.

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