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Passionate about treating pain, the specialists at spineTECH offer a wide range of customized pain relief services from spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease procedures to migraine treatments.

How We're Responding to Covid-19

In response to the Coronavirus update, SpineTECH is committed to keeping our environment as safe as possible for patients and staff during this outbreak. 
As such, we have implemented several protocols to limit patient visits to 5 minutes or less.

A) When patients enter the clinic, they will check in and be seated 6 feet apart from any other patients

During check-in, patients will provide their cell phone number to the reception staff. 

B) If there isn't room in the waiting area to sit 6 feet apart, the other options are to either wait in the lobby of the hospital or in a vehicle until it's time to be seen by the Doctor

C) We know that people are keeping their distance, so nobody will lose their place in the queue if they are not visible to office staff immediately at the time the Doctor is ready to see them - they will be texted to be alerted that they are able to see the Doctor at that time

D) Our goal is to get all patients in and out of contact with the medical professional staff in 5 minutes or less

E) If a patient is requiring more evaluation, that will be done on an as-needed basis 


SpineTECH is dedicated to providing COMPREHENSIVE AND INDIVIDUALIZED care to our patients in the diagnosis and treatment of their pain and spinal disorders. Whenever possible, treatment is delivered using advanced minimally invasive techniques to achieve long-term results.






Step 1: Early Diagnosis 

Step 2: Conservative Care 

Step 3: Treatment Plan 

Step 4: Recovery & Healthy Living 

Effectively Treat FOOTDROP

A groundbreaking treatment developed by Dr. Lo & Dr. Khan

This groundbreaking surgery procedure created by Dr. Khan and Dr. Lo is revolutionary in the way foot drop can be treated. This new development in how foot drop can be alleviated for patients is a revolutionary technique only offered by Drs. Khan and Lo.

Avoiding Opioids

Our Doctors are well aware of the effects Opioids can have on a human being. This is why our pain management specialists are actively seeking out better forms of treatment that can help you manage the pain more effectively in the short and long term. 

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