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The excruciating pain of a pinched nerve, together with symptoms like tingling and muscle weakness, may only go away after the nerve is decompressed with a laminectomy. The physicians at Spinetech have years of experience performing laminectomies, safely and effectively helping patients get the symptom relief they need. 

    spineTECH’s Drs Khan and Lo have developed a revolutionary surgical procedure to cure foot drop, an extremely painful and debilitating condition without resorting to medication. Watch the development and process explained behind this highly innovative procedure christened TNT– targeted nerve transfer – by Dr Lo.
    Symptoms of foot drop include: 1. Inability to retain footwear or a feeling of loosening of footwear when walking. 2. Dragging the front of the foot while walking. 3. Frequent tripping and falls during walking. 4. Exaggerating steps by raising the thighs higher than normal to prevent the toes from scraping the floor. 5. Loss of balance when standing with eyes closed and without support. 6. Pain, weakness or numbness in parts of the foot 7. Foot flopping away from the body or an inability to raise the toes or move the ankle from side to side.
    Foot drop can be caused by neurological, muscular or spinal cord disorders as well as nerve injuries and is a symptom of an underlying medical condition. 1. Weakness/ injury or trauma in specific muscles of the leg that are responsible for lifting the foot and the toes. 2. Pinched, damaged or degenerated nerves in the lower back and/ or leg 3. Neurological causes such as radiculopathy, herniated disc, spinal stenosis 4. Neuropathy (damage of the nerves) due to systemic and metabolic conditions such as diabetes 5. Any peripheral nerve disorders
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